About Us

Nutri Plus Vita Stores - the health nutrition and wellness destination for the whole family, are one of the healthcare retail chains owned and operated by Thumbay Group. Established in the UAE in 1998 by Mr. Thumbay Moideen, a third generation business entrepreneur from India, Thumbay Group is a diversified international business conglomerate with activities across 20 sectors including Education, Healthcare, Medical Research, Diagnostics, Retail Pharmacy, Health Communications, Retail Opticals, Wellness, Nutrition Stores, Hospitality, Real Estate, Publishing, Technology, Media, Events, Medical Tourism, Trading and Marketing & Distribution.

Nutri Plus Vita Stores is the calculated and farsighted initiative of Mr. Akbar Moideen Thumbay, Vice President of the Healthcare Division of Thumbay Group. The Group’s strategic plans aim to establish 50 Nutri Plus Vita Stores by 2022.

The aim of Nutri Plus Vita Stores is to empower people to obtain optimal health by providing knowledge and delivering the most effective methods of safe, natural health and fitness through our innovative nutrition and wellness products.

Happiness is an important part of wellbeing, we say "Eat and Drink up". Here is how some of our sports and fitness supplements that can help you and your family cope with the total health and wellness solutions.

Nutri Plus Vita Stores provide the best selection of premium quality products carefully chosen to meet the growing demands of the UAE market. Elegantly designed and conveniently located, our stores have a wide range of international brands in sports nutrition, vitamins, minerals, herbs, medical equipment and fitness accessories. Dedicated sections in Nutri Plus Vita Stores merchandise special foods which include organic, whole foods and 'grab n go' meal replacement products. A tour of our natural skincare and alternative medicine sections including the delicious (and truly healthy) juice bar & cafe is highly recommended.

"Let food be thy medicine" said Hippocrates, the fifth century Greek physician. While we closely follow these pearls of wisdom, we firmly believe that good health originates from a healthy lifestyle, quality nutrition and regular exercise. Our professionally qualified and thoroughly trained Health and Nutrition Counselors strive their utmost to provide a high level of customer service.

The brand's unique features include "first in the region" services aimed at providing total health and wellness solutions for the whole family. Any queries pertaining to diet and nutrition will be promptly answered by a Certified Clinical Nutritionist. Our fitness guru will spontaneously provide advanced fitness training tips to the new and prospective customer. We strongly advise our patrons to learn about nutrient depletions and drug food interactions from a qualified clinical pharmacist. Health checks and screening tests consist of vitamin and mineral testing, body composition analysis and allergen screening, to name a few. High quality products and unique services combined with professional expertise make Nutri Plus Vita Stores the perfect health, nutrition and wellness destination for the whole family.

Nutri Plus Vita stores are committed to enabling higher levels of success in the world of natural health and fitness through focused knowledge, innovative technology, and the highest quality products.

Please visit our stores to know more about our top notch products which are up for grabs and the fabulous health benefits associated with it. Alternatively, please navigate around our website and should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.